How to contact me:

Telephone: +447973342065


As an award winning film maker of Social Media content I can create films, tailored to your business needs, and designed to be at their most effective on the web. Making video for a website involves a whole new set of requiments and focus, very different from conventional broadcast and adverstising skills. I can produce and direct your films to turn your passion for your product into a compelling piece of video on the web.

As a presenter and social journalist I can conduct in depth interviews for your company whether internally or client focused, as well as voice or host your web presentations.

I have a proven history in creating and facillitating sucessful learning programmes for organisational development and change. I am happy to create a programme of workshops and company events that can meet the challenges facing companies in todays tough financial climate. 

All of my expertise, building on my fifteen years at the BBC, feeds into my skills in every area of my work. Understanding business helps me get to the core of your story whether you are a large corporate or an SME, commercial or public sector. Applying this to film content or workshop content, the core skill is the same, and knowing how to succeed in all these areas greatly enhances your end product.