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Sarah Whelan
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Penny ensured she fully understood our business, goals and aspirations before the day the filming took place for our corporate video. She helped us to pull out of our filming day exactly the messages we wanted to get across. She worked hard to ensure our clients that came in to be filmed were put at ease and were asked intelligent questions. She offers good value for money and this is the second time we have used her services. I can highly recommend Penny to any business looking for a professional film production.

April 28, 2015, Sarah was Penny's client


Penny Jackson is a fantastic person to work with and has scripted, directed and produced a series of hugely successful online videos for T.M.Lewin. Her warmth and enthusiasm, immediately puts people at ease in front of the camera and wins them over, including the England Cricket Team! She creates powerful interview content and social media content and delivers a professional, polished product every time. She offers strategic campaign advice and has a great understanding of what our business needs. Penny’s energy and creativity are inspiring to be around and she feels like a part of our team at T.M.Lewin. I look forward to working with her for many many years to come!

Naomi Paget
Former Head of Social and Customer Relationship Marketing at TM Lewin

Penny Jackson is a terrific designer and facilitator of workshops. More important even than that, she is a warm and supportive colleague with a wicked sense of humour and a willingness to grapple both with clients and with colleagues, with some of the trickier issues that often crop up in these intense experiences. And she is able to do this with an unusual mix of honesty and delicacy. She’s a pleasure to work with. 

Victoria Ward
Spark Now

I worked with Penny to design and facilitate a series of workshops. I really enjoyed the experience. She’s a great collaborator and her style of facilitation puts people at their ease while keeping up momentum. I’m hoping to work with her again soon.

Philip Gibson
Branding expert

Penny has contributed to two key developmental and awareness plans for the BBC’s Information and Archives. In 2004, we commissioned Penny’s company to help prepare and deliver a developmental programme for a group of team leaders working across many of our customer facing teams. The programme was wide-ranging and probing, allowing staff (often at the first level of line management, to explore many aspects of managerial behaviours and practises. Earlier, in 2002, we asked Penny to help deliver a set of one-day awareness days for research team who were about to be exposed to greater customer facing requirements. Feedback was excellent from all parties. In both instances, Penny’s preparation, attention to detail and ability to carefully facilitate debate has proved highly beneficial to the training programmes.

Additionally, we have asked Penny to independently facilitate managerial sessions where a neutral steer would help engender improved results from the session. On all occasions we have felt that Penny’s contribution has improved the structure of our sessions and immensely helped us meet our ambitions. 

Peter Skinner
Services Manager
BBC Information & Archives