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Telephone: +447973342065


My L&D specialism is creating and moderating conferences and workshops. Both alone, and in collaboration with other consultants, I have delivered national change management programmes, designed and led internal communications and customer relationship schemes, and provided media, leadership and personal development training to executive team members.

Most recently I have designed and delivered a significant media training programme for the Stragetic Board of a large national construction company. I have co-designed  and delivered workshops for an open linked data research project. I have co-designed and delivered social media workshops for SME's on behalf of the London Fusion digital project and facilited on several diversity conferences for the financial sector.


The range of work that my career has encompassed has enabled me to employ a diverse range of facilitation and learning techniques. 

Case Studies
I worked closely with BBC Information and Archives over a number of years. This crucial department with a large work force  put in a great number of work practice changes to adapt to the demands of the digitisation of the BBC’s programme archive and its delivery. I helped the management team prepare itself for this complex review process by facilitating meetings and team development workshops. At a later stage I designed and facilitated a set of day long workshops taken out to the nationwide research team. These events helped the group challenge their own assumptions about customer needs and to recognize their own true worth and expertise.

A two day conference, run in association with Sparknow, to engage 40 horticultural colleges in a debate about, and commitment to, the BBC Gardeners World “Neighbourhood Gardens” diploma scheme called for objective driven results. This demanding audience of educators expected fruitful discussions and as the key facilitator/moderator and as part of the design team it was crucial to be highly flexible. The delegates were very vocal and relying on exercises alone would have frustrated the process so constant engagement by myself throughout all the workshops and during the down time greatly helped us to ensure a positive outcome.

During the innovative workspace project for BBC properties, in partnership with Sparknow, the remit was to identify the true work needs of 2000 staff moving to the new Media Village from their previous accommodation in central London and not just to “lift and shift them”. The workshops, that I co-designed with Professor Clive Holtham, worked on identifying the “essence” of the work that teams actually performed as opposed to job description. The whole workshop encouraged highly creative input and very real job identification from staff and the event greatly influenced the design of the workspace that the staff moved into.