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The demise of mainstream advertising with the rise of advertising on the web has led to a more creative and engaged mode of contact with new customers. However creating film content for the web, that is imaginative and develops client loyalty requires the sort of knowledge of social media content that I have been reviewing and working on for many years now. I have directed and produced a large number of the highly effective and award winning, TM Lewin films for their community websites and these have produced great engagement with their customer base, several of which have gone viral. I have made a wide range of films suited to customer needs with one focus, that the film provides an engaging story. My other clients include, The British Council, TFPL, BTSR, NYK,Leesman and Today Translations,Find New Business, RP International St James's Place, Wealth Managament.

I have also led on a number of Learning and Development projects that have used film content to support the learning experience. Similarly I am currently leading several communications strategies and delivering film content for research projects, using story to enagage partners and map the development process.